The right message in every deck, every time.

Add more power to your presentations with Shufflrr, the Enterprise Storytelling Platform that helps your entire organization create brand-consistent, compliant decks in a flash.


Every presentation is a story.

Facts tell, stories sell – which is why smart storytelling should be a strategic imperative for any organization. Shufflrr combines the art of Enterprise Storytelling with the science of presentation management to help you transform the humble slide deck into a strategic powerhouse. We pave the way for teams to collaborate and create brand-approved, performance-optimized presentations with lightning speed and ease.

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Introducing Shufflrr

Enterprise Storytelling made easy

From the time you first lay eyes on a slide until your deck is ready for prime time (and beyond), the Shufflrr platform empowers everyone in your organization to craft presentations that win – without wasting time, energy or sanity.

Create cohesive presentations in a flash

Effortlessly assemble on-brand, on-message decks that work like magic across the entire organization. With a comprehensive slide library, advanced keyword search, brand control and compliance tools, and an intuitive interface, creating presentations that meet your needs in any moment is drag-and-drop simple.

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Publish and present with confidence

Stop the madness of disorganized decks and out-of-date slides. Shufflrr makes organizing, updating and publishing your presentations so simple you could (almost) do it with your eyes closed. From slide previews and automatic updates to managing user permissions and compliance, Shufflrr takes the guesswork out of publishing so you can share presentations stress-free.  

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Make your slides smarter (and sales-savvy)

You wouldn’t make most business decisions without tracking activity, measuring results and pursuing what works. Shouldn’t telling your stories be the same? Shufflrr's powerful business intelligence tools help you gain a deeper understanding of your presentation performance so you can build on the slides that sell and leave behind those that don’t.

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Why Shufflrr

Shufflrr makes it easy to get the most out of every slide, every time. No matter the team, target, place or purpose, your enterprise will have the tools to create and publish flawless presentations with proven results.

1 Smart, Simple Presentation Management

The Shufflrr platform makes managing presentations across your entire organization easy, turning tangled files into readily accessible and impeccably organized content that can be used enterprise-wide.

2 Brand Consistency and Compliance

With our centralized slide library and automatically implemented updates, you can rest easy, knowing that your company’s visuals, messaging and legal compliance are perpetually on-point.

3 Performance Insights and Optimization 

Shufflrr’s built-in business intelligence and data dashboard help open up insights about what’s working (and what’s not), empowering everyone to build better, smarter and more effective presentations quickly.

Yes, we work with that.

Shufflrr is built to share our toys and play well with others. We offer integrations via our Developer API or Integromat, so you can seamlessly connect our platform with hundreds of programs you already use – no changes needed. And if you want a partner to walk you through the integration process, we’ll happily be there.

Our results speak for themselves

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Content Manager at US Bank

​We were reinventing the wheel every time. Then we started Presentation Management. What used to take 5 hours now takes 5 minutes.

Dahlia Jenkins Product Marketing Manager

​Shufflrr enabled us to set up one central repository to share and review content which was user-friendly, efficient, and provided more insights.

Aimee Price Learning & Development, Royal Caribbean

​Our message must be consistent every step of the way. Shufflrr keeps us confident in a competitive industry.

Resources for Enterprise Storytelling

Step into our world of blogs, books and podcasts to learn more about Enterprise Storytelling and overcoming presentation hell.


Our podcast and book: Presentation Hell

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